The National University of Education (Ecuador) joins ECO project

By October 25, 2016 News about ECO No Comments

The ECO project has attracted the attention of many higher education institutions, in and out of the European academic community. In particular, numerous Latin American institutions have seen in the consortium an opportunity of its international projection development and their immersion on new technologies and Open Educational Resources.  At present, the latest institution to join the project has been The National University of Education, from Ecuador, which signed a partnership agreement with ECO in September.

UNAE Universidad Nacional de Educación Ecuador

The National University of Education (UNAE) is a non-profit public higher education institution. It has legal personality, academic autonomy, administrative, financial and organic, in accordance with The Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador. UNAE mission is to contribute to train educators and pedagogues, who will transform the National Education System, their ways of doing, thinking and research, in order to build a more just, equitable, free and democratic society, creating educational, pedagogical and didactic excellence models, appreciated for scientific rigour, rights, and intercultural approach.

The ECO project is open to the signing of partnership agreements with academic institutions around the world which share their values and goals. For further information email at